Tiny Bling Jewelry Designs was created with the idea and vision that jewelry is literacy and the illumination of the individual soul.  Our designs are crafted with love to highlight the passions and style of your world.  We believe, the jewelry you wear is your artistic expression of what others can admire and create designs for people who wish to inspire.  When your unique soul brilliantly shines through your jewelry, it is not an imitation, but a connection to your personal universe. Our designs and jewelry is enjoyed by those who recognize that Tiny Bling, though simple, is striking.

We take inspiration from nature, animals, popular styles and jewelry trends, to bring our customers pieces that are a cut above the rest in design detail, comfort of wear, durability and quality. Tiny Bling artists brings their vision of brilliant, astute, refined, and enigmatic element to every design. Tiny Bling Jewelry does not overpower, it enhances and complements.

Although based out of South Florida, Tiny Bling jewelry is worn amongst people from around the world.  It has been an absolute journey, as professional goldsmiths, platinumsmiths, artists and master jewelers, to bring all our clients visions and passions from around the world to life.